Kristina Rumlová

Do you feel tired of struggling to turn you calling into real success? Do you ever feel like no matter how hard you try, no one seem to really value your gifts and believe in you? Well sure, some friends support you, but do they really believe in you suceeding one day? If only at least your partner would not reproach you about your business. Or should you really give up?


But wait a minute! We both know, that giving up is not an option for you. No matter how irrational it might seem, you know deep down, that you just need to proceed with your calling. You just love it don't you? And you know, that your clients too, and there is so much more you have to offer!

Yet, shouldn't living your calling feel a bit  lighter? After all, you put your whole heart and soul in it. And then again you catch yourself doubting, wheter you try hard enough, but feeling sooo not having energy to fight for your place in the sun. Then don't fight and try hard my darling!


Wouldn't it be nice, if things would finally work with ease and you could celebrate the results you know you deserve? YES, it is possible even and ESPECIALLY for you, as you made it all the way here. How can I be so certain? Well I have been there and not just once... trying to figure out what else to do for sucess of my business, feeling bitter about heartless competitors who are just doing fine, even when not really caring about the best interest of their customers, swollowing my tears of dispair knowing, that going back to my previous life is not an option for me, but I can not imagine keep going for any much longer, investing in self-development and business education again and again, spending endless nights not sleeping while thinking how to create a massive change in my life, when my health was completely stopping me, helping hundres and hundreds of clients, but myself.


But that is all just history now. And what was the biggest turning point? When I swollowed my pride and shame and finally allowed myself to ask for help, to be lead and supported, when I allowed myself to do things with ease, to be imperfect and to see the beauty in everything I resented about myself. Do you feel like it is about a time, you do the same? Then give me your hand and let me save you of those sleepless nights and heartbreaking effort without a visible result. Let me guide you on a wonderful journey to your sucess. A journey of finding ease, love and excitement for YOU and your biz again.


  • Increase your love and fun factor in your biz. on 100%, 

  • turn your self-doubt talk on zero power,

  • trust yourself 24/7,

  • awake your inner genious within less than 12 weeks,

  • live the success you have been born for.

Mastermind group

for ladies, who don't want to wait for their turn anymore.


  • 6months of support,
    so that you master your mindset and never doubt yourself again


  • Group experience,
    sothat you learn also through stories of others, and have a tribe
    to get your back when needed


  • Monthly Coaching calls,
    sothat you learn the techniques needed to be a happy successful biz. lady


  • Easy yet powerful homeworks,
    sothat you apply what your learn without a need for extra time frame or
    professional coaching help


  • Triad calls
    between coaching calls to have friends for sharing your ups and downs with homeworks in real life 


  • QaA calls,
    sothat you have all the support needed and all your important questions are answered


  • Practical worksheets,
    sothat you have all the important info and techniques at your fingertips

  • Secret fb group,
    sothat you never feel alone and have always enough inspiration and support.


YES ON 100% if

  • You can't wait to share your gifts fully and are super ready to enjoy a great reward for that.

  • You feel like quitting of your heart calling is not an option, eventhough you might feel quite tired to even try more.

  • You are willing to honestly explore your inner world and would love to do it with patience, love and humor no matter how imperfect you feel right now.

  • You love to ask for help and look for solutions.

  • You are excited about being so so so ready for the success you deserve.

  • You are willing to actively participate on your journey to your success.


  • You are willing to wait for your successful life to emerge miraculously perhaps some other time .

  • You feel like you need to be saved and are not ready to take action and full responsibility for your life.

  • You are looking for step by step business leadership and don't belive in the power of your mindset at all.

  • You are looking for 1:1 intensive and private guidance, because you feel it would be too dangerous to share your story with others. 

  • If this all above is you and you can not imagine leap towards more powerful you.

If this is you just sometimes and you would love to see yourself in column 1, maybe you just need to acknowledge the better parts of yourself more often. And that is exactly what we are going to do together!

"Your business ...."




Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.


Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.


Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.