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6 steps for healthy self-confidence

Petra gazes on another motivational video, leaving for work in an euphoria a minute later. But after a few hours everything is back to normal. Petra feels as gray mouse. She feels her potential but have no clue how to make any use of it. She is awaken from her gloomy thoughts by sympathetic new colleague. Petra would love to impress him, but instead of cheerful greeting she stammers and immediately blushes. Damn, it will need more videos. But how to recast motivational "you can do it" into something real that would finally help me to move on?

Do you also feel fed up with excessive optimism, but deep down you feel that there are certain parts of your life where you would appreciate feeling at least a bit more confident? But how to use another motivational video in your real life? If you do not fancy reflecting on your emotions for endless hours or spend a weekend on self-development seminar, you can try these five steps.

1) Pull out the compass

and set a clear direction. In what kind of situations would you enjoy being a little more confident and what would it specifically mean for your life? Imagine your "problematic" situation and especially how you want to feel, behave and react in ideal case. Find your idol for some inspiration.

2) Stop chasing mirage

Do you know what happens when you reach your goal? You will probably still miss confidence -But this time, confidence for the next steps. Remember, that you will probably never be so self-confident in certain areas as you would wish. But also be sure to look back at how huge strides you have already done.

3) Overcome Fear

Yes, you heard correctly. Even the greatest idols often do not experience enough self-confidence for the next steps. But their success lies in the fact that they tackle even the most unpleasant steps no matter how they feel inside. They know that they will learn along the way and build a confidence in new areas step by step. Do not fear the unknown, and hit the road.

4) Enjoy it

The first step is often the worst. Once we make it we often get the feeling we should be already much further, completely forgetting about our previous fear. Enjoy your growing self-confidence and acknowledge your achievements. Keep a diary and get sometimes back to the uncertainties you had to overcome, reward yourself for bold steps.

5) Safe Zone

Do you still hesitate whether to do the first step? Isn't there even a smaller one? Is there any safe environment where you could practice this step? Expand your training field gradually into less safe zones, little by little.

6) Explore

Self-consciousness requires to know oneself well. Observe yourself and learn about your needs, wishes, habits. Track when you manage to gather courage and what supports you. Don't be angry with yourself for your weaknesses, learn to work with them, lean on your strengths. Remember that every day you're a different person. Explore the experience and strengths that you can already make us of. Observe yourself at the training field and think about how to apply the lessons learner into your life with ease.

I wish you lots of joy when working on your confidence.

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