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Anyone Can Win!

Another wonderful competition has been launched. Choose a discipline to suit your taste. We compete for the following awards and many others: the most popular actor of the year, the best parent, the award for the highest number of admiring glances from the members of the opposite sex, the most modest person in the world, the most witty guy in the gang, the smartest blond. Please send your suggestions of additional categories to the editor. Everybody wins! You just need to meet one simple criterion: don’t succumb to the evaluation of a (non) expert panel of judges and the prize is yours.

It is true, since our childhood we have been involved in a competitive game to win acknowledgment or recognition. We all look for it somewhere else. Nonetheless, it is always about the same thing. We yearn for the recognition of others, their praise, admiration or envy or just a good feeling that we are better than the rest. To make sure this game doesn’t rule your life too much, here is some simple advice – be guided by yourself and not by those around you – “the judges”.

The desire to receive recognition and be praised is absolutely natural and there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s an important driving force, which can help us in being better. A problem occurs at the point when others don’t meet our idea of the correct expression of recognition. I’m sure you know it only too well. For two hours you have been slaving over the cooker to conjure up a lunch for the whole family and in the end without a word of appreciation or thanks you finish up washing the dishes. You went on your regular jog despite the rain and your significant other doesn’t hold your fit condition in high esteem at all. We could go on and on like this …listing similar situations.

So how can you cut down on such situations in your life?

1) Don’t do things primarily for recognition, admiration or praise from others.

2) Free yourself from expecting any kind of responses from those around you.

3) Praise and reward yourself.

4) Commend people around you and with a little patience they will learn to dish out sincere praise too.

5) Be grateful to others for everything they do for you. Learn to sense these gestures and give thanks for them.

6) Explore your own worth.

At the point you are aware of your worth, you will free yourself from the need of being recognised and praised by others. You’d better watch out, it’s got nothing to do with an ostentatious pose where you pretend that you don’t need recognition and that you are doing fine by yourself. In fact you won’t be doing fine at all. Having fully accepted your own qualities as well as your vices you will feel happy being yourself, you will be able to stand up for yourself and some criticism or absence of recognition won’t upset you much at all.

I wish you joyful competing for your win of life - satisfaction.

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