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Become a Visionary

Blinking sleepily as the morning light hit the pillow she wriggled under the quilt. For a few moments longer she enjoyed the comfort of a warm bed. In the end she dared to stretch out thoroughly. She sat up in bed and looked round the room. After a while she got up and on her way to the bathroom she switched on the kettle to make some tea. Are you excited about what’s going to happen next? I don’t intend to write to you about my day today, but believe me your day would also be good enough to make it into a book.

Thanks to the paragraph above I transposed your imagination into my morning. Or maybe the morning of a slim blond, a fat red-head or a wrinkly old woman. What could you see when you were reading the lines above? What was the room like? What colour was the quilt and what about the kettle? Without being with our heroine in the room, your head started screening a film about her morning.

You see, our brain works in images. We best understand that which we can imagine. Also we remember such things better. On the other hand, it is very difficult for us to stay focused when talking about matters, which are unimaginable for us, which we don’t understand. It has been proven that we will remember things we have seen much better than those we have read or heard about. Therefore, a good imagination helps us with our memory. Imagination is also crucial for following through on our intentions.

Each of our deliberate acts or projects start with a mere thought. The better our imagination in thinking up various possibilities is, the higher the probability of us coming up with a functional solution to our situation will be and in addition we might be able to think up an amusing solution, which won’t make unpleasant demands on us. On the other hand, if our imagination focuses on possible problems, or we can see only the usual solution, which for some reason isn’t our cup of tea, we are at a loss. Often in our lives we come to a standstill, not because of a lack of imagination but because we don’t make time to dream. Time to imagine what we would really like.

And why should one dream? Maybe because if you know what your wishes are, you can start trying to make them come true. In 1979 a study aimed at written goals was conducted among Harvard students. A mere 3 % of the students approached had their goals and plans made out in writing. Ten years later it turned out that the students with the written goals were earning, on average, ten times as much as the rest of the class. But is there anyone who would feel like writing down smart goals? However, all of us are able to dream and when we were young we used to love doing it. Why don’t you try it again?

You may start with a vision board for instance. A vision board is a collage of images representing your idea about the ideal situation in the area which you are preparing the vision board about. Are you thinking about moving or buying a property? Make yourself a vision board focusing on housing. Is your health of crucial importance to you at the moment? Create a health-oriented vision board. How do you go about it?

You can draw your vision board or get a large sheet of thick paper on which you can stick pictures cut out from magazines, photos and such. Nonetheless, you can create your collage in the blink of an eye on your PC. Just find some suitable pictures on the internet and insert them on your canvas. Start looking for images focusing on your theme and contemplate what you are fond of. What would you like in your place? What is a definite must? What do you like having around you? What do you need? Where do you feel great? Don’t palm yourself off and colour your ideas in brightly, allow yourself for once to go beyond any limits. Just tinker about with it. You should place the finished vision board somewhere you will be able to often see. In your PC the downloaded photos can be used as a desktop background or a screensaver.

And how does a vision board work?

1) When making it, don’t rush but pay attention to your specific wishes about what the given area of your life should look like. How can you be house hunting in the suburbs, if you don’t even know where you want to live?

2) By having the vision board frequently in sight, we fixate our brain to the ideal state. We have our desired image constantly before our eyes. Since we often pay attention, if only fleetingly, to that which we want, our brain will start attaching importance to this area. So sooner or later we will begin noticing vital information for our project even “randomly” in the street, in the conversations of passers-by, on the radio or in a shop window. It’s because our brain is “tuned” to stimuli relating to for instance our health improvement.

Make time just for you and indulge yourself in the creation of a vision board focusing on the theme, which currently is important for you. Let the vision board impress you and you’ll see what will happen next. And if you don’t want to wait idly, you can express your idea in smart goals and set up a plan of action to fulfil them.

I wish you lot of joyous visions.

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