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Have they forgotten to wrap them up? Never mind! They can bring you joy anyway.

Christmas draws ever closer and I keep pondering what to give those close to me, asking myself those all important questions - Have I thought of a really suitable gift? Have I forgotten anything? I find myself looking back at last year, recalling what my family and friends wished for and what pleased them. However, after our recent move and the large-scale disposal of things I am now reconsidering every material item on my shopping list. And at the same time I am casting my mind back trying to remember what brought joy to me.

There has certainly been lots of it; I am quite astonished how much I have received this year. I would dearly wish that those who gave me things knew what great presents they have already rewarded me with. But can I communicate this feeling with a very carefully selected gift? Perhaps, but before the giving of Christmas presents I feel the urge to express my thanks for gifts which definitely wouldn’t fit under the Christmas tree. If you want to get into the right Christmas spirit, you can make your own list of items you were given and are grateful for.

For today I am going to share my list with you. Try to not keep yours just for yourself and share it with those you are obliged to for some reason. In the end it might be the best present you can give others. So what am I grateful for this year? The list would be almost endless so I am going to share with you at least a small section of the infinite chain. I am grateful...

  • To you for reading these lines and devoting a few minutes of time to yourself.

  • For inspirational work and all those beautiful meetings and new friendships.

  • For new and old friends and their thoughtfulness at the right moment.

  • For my good health and its encouragement to take a rest at the right time.

  • For being able to have somebody to share and help overcome all of the difficult times.

  • For a loving family.

  • For all readers, responses and the knowledge that each ordinary article is meaningful to somebody.

  • For all of those joyous and relieving discoveries during coaching which thanks to you, I myself can learn a lesson or two from.

  • For music.

  • For cathartic sobbing.

  • For exhilarating laughter.

  • For movement, the chance to dance, run, rush as well as stand still.

  • For Mother Nature.

  • For home as well as long journeys and safe returns.

  • For all difficult things always turning out right.

  • For the endless possibilities which life presents.

  • For courage which drove me ahead.

  • For fear which protected me.

  • For the freedom of being myself.

  • For the Sun shining through the falling autumn leaves.

  • For love, forgiveness, hugs, compassion, understanding, encouragement,...

May you find a lot of joy in your list of this year’s gifts.

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