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How to become a celebrity?

Do you recall posters of your idols from childhood? Boundless worshipping of your parents and teachers? Perfection of your new partner, who inspired you in your amourousness to work on yourself? Do you still have some stars and idols, who motivate you?

Have you noticed the fact, that while growing up we often lose the charmingly pure admiration of our idols? Sometimes it even transforms into envy, because we are so sure, we could be also so successful, only if we were so lucky, had a rich parent and so on.

This transformation is definitely not enriching, but on contrary. It steals from us the possibility to dream and evolve, to have joy out of the vision that we will accomplish something this great one day too. So how to do that, so that we could still enjoy success of others even as adults? Watch the video and find out what helps you to get on the red carpet and become a star of your own life.

What do you say? What is the field, that you would like to find few new idols in? Try to find at least 5 people, who will inspire you and encourage you in your growth (in relationships, career, hobbies...). You can reach for books by deceased personalities or search for interviews with current top stars. There are endless possibilities, so make a good use of them.

And while going for your new goal don't forget to rest, reward and compliment yourself. Appreciate what you do and do not punish yourself for being "too slow". Find a pace that you can keep on long run and that you could enjoy.

I wish you a lot of joy from your progress.

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