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How to Enjoy Valentine’s Day, Even if You Don't Love It or Are on Your Own

Just a few days ago we raised our glasses and toasted a new beginning as we ushered in the New Year and following quickly on its heels comes another day of compulsory joviality. Valentine’s Day! It urges us to pause while each and every one of the hearts displayed in shop windows ask us if we actually have anything to celebrate. And hand on heart, who wants to be reminded non-stop that they aren’t really that happy in their relationships, they are on their own or quite possibly just don’t feel like being with anyone else? Each of the relationship stages has its place and importance in our lives. However, Valentine’s Day suddenly reminds us that right now we aren’t in that desired stage or quite suspiciously, we don’t fancy celebrating our long-term relationship!

So how do you go about it when you don’t want to celebrate Valentine’s Day but still enjoy it?

1) Face up to reality

Well, OK then, it’s here, Valentine’s Day has arrived and you try to pretend you don’t care at all. Stop lying to yourself and be honest. Are you a little sad when you think about Valentine’s Day or does it simply annoy you? Don’t be afraid to admit the truth. You are entitled to your opinions and emotions.

2) Bury your chances

If Valentine’s Day evokes a negative response in you, there’s probably a good reason. Do you wish to remain indifferent at any cost? Do the exact opposite in your private life. Admit to yourself what feelings and fears cause your Valentine’s Day melancholy. Write down a description of a disastrous scenario of what your life will look like in 10 years, if things only go from bad to worse. Don’t be afraid to exaggerate and live this tragic comedy to the full.

3) Be a rebel

Feeling a bit better? Hooray, so finally you can really relish your anti-Valentine’s Day stance. Forget the crowds and prepare for this day a programme you will genuinely be able to look forward to.

4) All you need is love

And what of it, you might not have anyone to celebrate Valentine’s Day with this year, but that

doesn’t mean there is not enough love for you. You have shown it to yourself in the previous three steps. So now all that’s left to do is prepare a fitting finale. Have a good think about how you can lovingly care for yourself. Will you make a delicious breakfast just for yourself, book yourself a massage, or what would be your choice for a day filled with love?

Wish you a joyful Valentine’s Day

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