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How to Get Your Brain Moving Even Though You Haven’t Got a Dog

I am putting on my trainers and running out of the house. The black sky weighs down each of my steps and I have a feeling that with every breath I take I laboriously lift the clouds up a little. After a while of this torture I look around. The morning air is pleasantly fresh with life bustling around, birds chattering in bushes and trees, plants wafting their characteristic scents. My forehead is sweaty and I can feel my heart beating ...

A long day at the office, overworked and exhausted, you are going home on an overcrowded bus. Seems like it’s going to rain. In your office suit you are getting pretty cold. Hooray, finally at home. Originally, you planned to go running or at least have a walk in the fresh air. But now it looks like rain. There might be a better option – how about making a cup of hot chocolate, snuggling under the duvet and reading? Except that as you are sipping the hot chocolate, you start feeling bitter about the neglected exercise and another evening of doing nothing.

But how will you make yourself get up from the comfy sofa when there is no eager dog to jump all over you or a newborn you had to stay at home with all day long? Ha, an early spring sun, a hypnotic command to get out! But what about the rest of the year?

I haven’t got a dog, but I’ve got the Stromovka Park almost in my back yard. With excitement typical of dogs I decided on going for regular walkies. That is to say taking myself for a walk. Ideally, I could restart my running efforts. Today, I don’t really feel like it, but the four walls of my room are grinding me down. Do you know that feeling?

I open the door, finding that the outside world is: spacious, fresh, light, green, sweet- smelling, refreshing, calm, quiet and yet so loud. With each step I take I start clearing my brain. Thoughts are fighting for space – getting themselves sorted out. And suddenly there is silence. Only my heart beating, breathing and the life force of the ever bustling Mother Nature. I allow myself enough time to tune in to a different frequency...

Each game requires an action. If you fulfil the task, make the effort and get moving, you can win. Even in chess you must make a move. In life it’s the same. When I’ve got a feeling things aren’t moving, I realise I haven’t taken my careworn brain for walkies for a long time. It has processed a thousand and one terrifying horror images of what will or won’t be and what could or should be. It’s time to put on your dancing shoes or just get outside! What helps you to switch your brain back to reality?

I wish you a lot of joy from movement and keeping your worries at bay.

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